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HDW-750P (HDW750P HDW-750 HDW 750) HDCAM




HDW-750P (HDW750P HDW-750 HDW 750) HDCAM





£2,160.00(inc. VAT)
Used Product

Used Sony HDW-750P HDCAM Camcorder HD camcorder, in good working order requires In/Output board capacitors changing, also it has very minor pixel problem.

The HDW-750P from Sony is a camcorder that destroys any outdated notions about high definition as a bulky, inflexible, prohibitively expensive choice for quality programme making. The compact new HDW-750P puts all the advantages of shooting High Definition at 25P/50i into the hands of the cinematographer, maximising creative opportunities and control without sacrificing portability or battery life.

The HDW-750P makes it easier than ever to capture pictures that will satisfy the most exacting Director of Photography with levels of detail, colour depth and contrast that you might associate with Super16 or even 35mm film. By shooting 25 frames per second in progressive scan mode (25P), your shots will share “filmic” motion portrayal that can add a subjective richness to any production. Alternatively, you can opt to shoot 50 fields per second interlaced (50i) as a natural partner to the PAL world. The choice is yours.

It is an extremely compact and lightweight design, with a robust and reliable construction. Adopting a 2.2 million-pixel FIT CCD, and Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP), the HDW-750P ensures superb picture quality and low-power consumption. The HDW-750P directly provides HD-SDI as standard, while an optional down converter allows simultaneous direct output of SD, SDI or analogue composite. Camera setup data can be stored in a "Memory Stick". An optional picture cache board can capture pictures and sound in advance of pressing the record button.

Whether you’re post producing in Standard Definition and want to maximise image quality up-front, or following an end-to-end HD 25P workflow with the Sony HDW-2000 series of VTR recorder/players for maximum quality and marketability of your product, the HDW-750P redefines High Definition acquisition as the choice that’s practical and affordable for programme making today… and tomorrow.

Memory stick
Turbo gain
Slot in wireless receiver
Two assignable buttons
EZ focus
Auto trace white
Intelligent light shoe

Dual Optical Filter Wheels
Allows the following to be selected:

Stereo audio monitoring
TruEye processing
Multi matrix
Three channel skin tone detection
Dial in colour temperature
Gamma curves
Black gamma
Y black gamma
Adaptive knee
Knee saturation
Cameraman programmable menu system

Supplied Accessories
Viewfinder (HDVF-20A)
Operation manual (booklet)
Stereo microphone
Shoulder belt

Optional Accessories
HKDW-703/1 Picture Cache Board
HDCA-901 HD-SDI Camera Adapter
HKDW-702/1 Down Converter Board
BVF-VC10W 1.5-type SD viewfinder
HDVF-C750W HD 6” LCD viewfinder
VCT-14 Tripod Adapter
BVM-D9H5E Colour Video Monitor
VF-508 Monitor ENG kit for Sony 9-type monitors
MSA-4A/8A/16A/32A/64A Sony Memory Stick
AC-DN2B AC Adapter
AC-550/550CE AC Adapter
BC-M50 Ni-MH/Li-ion Battery Charger
BC-L120 Battery Charger
BC-L50/L50CE Battery Charger
BP-M50/M100 Ni-MH Battery Pack
BP-L60A Li-ion Battery Pack
BKDW-701 Servo Filter Unit
BKW-401 Viewfinder Rotation Bracket
RM-B150 Remote Control Unit for HDW-750
BCT-40HD/22HD HDCAM tape cassette
C-74 Microphone
WRR-855A/B Slot-in Wireless Microphone Receiver
WRR-862A/862B Dual Diversity Microphone Receiver
A-8278-057-A Mounting bracket for WRR-855A
WRT-27+BTA-27 Wireless Microphone Transmitter
CAC-12 Microphone holder
CRS-3P Cradle Suspension
C-74 Condenser Microphone
ECM-MS5 Electret Condenser Microphone
CCXA-53 Audio Cable

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