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AG-HPX600 (AG HPX600)




AG-HPX600 (AG HPX600)





£11,274.00(inc. VAT)
New Product

Panasonic AG-HPX600

Lightweight 2/3 inch 100Mb/s 10-bit Shoulder-Mount HD P2 Camcorder

The HPX600 is a very important camera for Panasonic. It represents everything about where camcorder technology is going and packages it in one the the lightest weight professional bodies available. Wireless, networked, iPad controlled, proxy generating, 100Mb/s enabled, studio adaptable, prepared for Ultra-AVC... it really doesn't miss a trick. It's such an all rounder that it's hard to think of a production it's not suited for.

"The HPX600 camera-server is revolutionary in many respects and a harbinger of greater things to come. Its operational advantages and network-aware features reflect Panasonic’s forward thinking."Studio Daily



Panasonic AG-CVF15 - PAN-AGCVF15
Colour ViewFinder
Price: £2350+VAT

Panasonic AG-HPX600EJC - PAN-AGHPX600EJC
AG-HPX600 Bundle
Includes: AG-HPX600, CVF10 Viewfinder Bundle and Fujinon 16x AF 2/3 inch lens
Price: £12550+VAT

Panasonic AG-HPX600EJF - PAN-AGHPX600EJF
AG-HPX600 Bundle
Includes: AG-HPX600, CVF15 Viewfinder Bundle and Fujinon 16x AF 2/3 inch lens
Price: £13900+VAT

Panasonic AG-YDX600G - PAN-AGYDX600G
Proxy Board for AG-HPX600
Price: £1055+VAT

Panasonic AG-SFU601G - PAN-AGSFU601G
Network Function Upgrade key for AG-HPX600
Price: £950+VAT

Panasonic AG-SFU602G - PAN-AGSFU602G
VFR/24PsF Output Software upgrade key for AG-HPX600
Suggested List Price: £635+VAT

Panasonic AG-SFU603G - PAN-AGSFU603G
Live Uplink software option for AG-HPX600
Price: £185+VAT

Panasonic AG-SFU604G - PAN-AGSFU604G
Playlist Editing with Proxy Video option for AG-HPX600
Price: £185+VAT

Panasonic AG-CVF10 - PAN-AGCVF10
Colour Viewfinder for AG-HPX600
Price: £1670+VAT

Panasonic AG-YA600G - PAN-AGYA600G
HD-SDI Input Card for HPX-600
Price: £1295+VAT

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