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NEW The World's First HDTV Portable Zoom Lens with Optical Image-Stabilizer HJ15ex8.5B KRSE-V

Canon's latest HJ15ex8.5B KRSE-V keeps fast moving images in sharp focus when you are moving fast!

Canon’s latest HJ15ex8.5B KRSE-V HDTV portable zoom lens combines HD with an optical image stabilizer function.  The 15x HD lens is a compact-size and light weight option that will support creating the stable and high quality images in various shooting environment.The new lens was recently used during coverage of the Tour de France.

An HD alternative to Canon’s J13x9 KRS VAP SDTV lens, the HJ15ex8.5 KRSE-V offers a higher zoom ratio and wider angle. In addition, Canon’s patented “Vari-Angle Prism “ image stabilizer technology provides a high level of image stabilization with a wide frequency range throughout the whole zoom range from Tele to Wide. Four stabilization modes are available to meet different shooting conditions.

With Canon’s original optical design, curvature of field, chromatic aberration and other types of aberrations are easily corrected. Flat and high resolution /contrast image is possible through the whole zoom range covering from wide-end to tele-end.  This lens is ideally suited for various shooting environments as a wide range of vibration frequencies can be stabilized, such as low frequency vibration when used on the operator’s shoulder to higher frequency vibration when operated on vehicles and motorbikes.  The HJ15ex8.5 KRSE-V was used by SFP, one of the major European production companies, to cover the Tour de France for France Televisions. SFP have always specified Canon lenses, notably the famed J13x9 KRS-V, to deliver the stability required for coverage of live race action.

With the move to HD coverage of the event, SFP’s existing J13x9 KRS-V lens was no longer an option. Luc Geoffroy, CTO of Euro Media Group commented on the benefits of the HJ15ex8.5 KRSE-V: “The most impressive aspect is the power of stabilization. It is really much more powerful than the J13x9 KRS-V. Honestly, we had not imagined it was possible. It was so high that, as everybody could see on TV, the cameraman could zoom during action, and even sometimes stay in tele position to have a close shot of the cyclists.  We were constantly checking in the OB vans and could never detect any vibration on the picture. Amazing!”

Geoffroy added: “The lens quality is comparable to the highest ENG in its class, like the new wide angle (HJ14x4.3) or our favourite lens, the tele HJ22x7.6. Canon managed to put  together the greatest stabilization system, in a lighter, easy to use lens, and with great picture quality. The HJ 15 x VAP will be a revolution on the market.”

As well as the technical advancements, the HJ15ex8.5 KRSE-V has been designed to ensure that all the optical components, mechanical parts, and electrical parts follow the international environmental regulations by removing toxic substances and applying lowpower consumption design.

Canon developed the additional stabilization by designing a vari-angle prism system comprising of two pieces of adjustable glass with liquid between them. The lens can adjust the angle on these to tilt the optical axis and thus stabilize the image. As a result,a cameraman on a moving vehicle or motorbike is able zoom during action, and even stay in tele-position for close-up shots all without any vibration on the picture.

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