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Asset Finance from Medialease

Medialease offer business to business asset finance solutions to the media industry for equipment finance transactions from £3,000 upwards. All finance figures shown on this website are exclusive of VAT and indicative only. Figures shown for transactions of less than £3,000 are for reference only. All transactions are subject to underwriting approval and credit reference checks. A minimum documentation fee of £200 is chargeable at the start of all agreements. Sole traders, partnerships, LLPs and limited companies are all considered, business use only. Please contact for further details. In the current credit climate we recommend that you contact us for a competitive quote as rates and underwriting criteria currently vary on a regular basis. The following details explain the main differences between the three types of finance product we offer.

Lease Purchase

This is a hire agreement which automatically gives ownership of the asset to the hirer at the end of the repayment term upon payment of the option fee. The option fee is £50.
  • The hirer can claim capital allowances upon the asset. The value of the goods is then written down, or depreciated, normally at 25% of their reducing value year on year (unless the purchased asset can be classed as IT, and you are a “small business” – “small business” has a specific definition which is provided by the Inland Revenue).
  • Interest paid by the lessee is fully tax allowable.
  • The equipment provides security to the lender for the period of the agreement, after which, title passes from Lessor to lessee.
  • The asset will appear on the company balance sheet as will the liability of the payments due in the course of the agreements.
  • Interest can be fixed or variable rate.
  • Lessee is obliged to pay the VAT in full at the beginning of the agreement – either to the Lessor (finance company) or to the supplier.
  • The VAT can be reclaimed by business customers, provided they are registered for VAT in the UK.
Finance Lease

This is a form of rental on a straightforward fixed term contract. In simple terms a lease is classed as a revenue expense. The main benefit to the lessee is the immediate use of the asset with the minimum capital outlay.
  • All lease rentals payable in any given financial year are 100% tax allowable.
  • Capital allowances can be claimed by the Lessor (the finance company).
  • The asset is treated as an asset belonging to the lessee (customer) and corresponding payments are shown as a liability.
  • The lease period is often set for the useful life of the subject equipment. At the end of the agreement, the lessee is offered the majority of the sale proceeds, or the option of continued use for a peppercorn rental.
Operating Lease

This is a secure and flexible way to enjoy the benefits of an asset without having to purchase it. Low payments are gained by basing the repayments on only a percentage of the initial capital cost of the asset. The risk of recovering the remainder of the capital cost from resale at the end of the agreement is underwritten by either the Lessor or a third party.
  • All lease rentals payable in any given financial year are 100% tax allowable.
  • Capital allowances can be claimed by the Lessor (the finance company).
  • The asset is not treated as an asset belonging to the Lessee (customer) nor are the corresponding payments shown as a liability.
    This is often referred to as “off balance sheet” funding.
  • Lessee gives the asset back to the residual risk-taker at then end of the agreement.
    This asset can be sold or re-hired to the lessee on a new re-negotiated deal.
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