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ITC-100 (ITC100 ITC 100)




ITC-100 (ITC100 ITC 100)





£690.00(inc. VAT)
New Product

Datavideo ITC-100 8 Channel Talkback system The ITC-100 Intercom System provides 8-Way talkback and tally indicators. Supplied complete with 4x Cameraman beltpack, 4x Microphone Headsets, 4x Tally Indictors & 1x XLR Gooseneck MIC & 1x XLR Light, 4x 20m Intercom cable.

With the Datavideo ITC-100, the director can talk to an individual channel or to all channels simultaneously.The package includes a central unit and crew belt packs with everything you need to maintaincommunication throughout a production. Integrated, effective and uncomplicated: everything an intercom should be.



Optional Extras:

Datavideo MC-1 - DATA-MC1
Spare Headset / Microphone set from ITC-100/SL
Suggested List Price: £8.00+VAT

Datavideo LP-1 - DATA-LP1
Gooseneck XLR Light for ITC-100
Suggested List Price: £37.00+VAT

Datavideo ITC-100SL - DATA-ITC100SL
Additional Belt Pack for ITC-100, inc 20M cable, 1 x Tally Light & Headset/Mic
Suggested List Price: £125.00+VAT

Datavideo MC-2 - DATA-MC2
Spare Gooseneck XLR Microphone for ITC-100
Suggested List Price: £46.00+VAT

Datavideo ITC-100TC500 - DATA-ITC100TC500
Tally Connection Cable for SE-500 to ITC-100
Suggested List Price: £6.00+VAT

Datavideo HP-1 - DATA-HP1
Single Side Headset
Suggested List Price: £46.00+VAT

Datavideo CB-3 - DATA-CB3
20M Intercom Extension Cable
Suggested List Price: £32.00+VAT

Datavideo CB-4 - DATA-CB4
50M Intercom Extension Cable
Suggested List Price: £67.00+VAT

Datavideo TD-2 - DATA-TD2
Tally Light Set
Suggested List Price: £58.00+VAT

Datavideo CB-27 - DATA-CB27
Tally Connection Cable for SE-2000 to ITC-100
Suggested List Price: £6.00+VAT

Datavideo CB-28 - DATA-CB28
Tally adapter cable for SE-2800
Suggested List Price: £15.00+VAT

Datavideo CB-29 - DATA-CB29
Tally adapter cable for SE-3000
Suggested List Price: £26.00+VAT

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