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3D Compatible Low Cost HD SD Mixer Anounced by Panasonic

The AG-HMX100 can operate as a 3D video switcher with dual SDI signal inputs from 3D cameras. It comes with two pairs of inputs and one pair of output s for 3D video signals.
A 3D live switching system can be configured by combining two or more 3D cameras and 3D projector systems.
Supports both the simultaneous and side-by-side 3D video output systems.
* Video switching only. Effects are not supported.

All-in-One Unit for Low-Cost Operation

The AG-HMX100 Digital AV Mixer uses internal 12-bit digital processing to ensure high image quality. Highly compact, it integrates a built-in HD/SD video switcher, audio mixer, frame synchronizer, and control panel. The AG-HMX100 serves as a video/audio switcher, adds various effects, and transmits signals — all by itself. The 5.7-inch LCD screen displays a five-row matrix menu. Combined with rotary switches, this allows quick and easy function setting. The AG-HMX100 also features pattern preset, an event memory and other functions for comfortable operation.

A Wealth of Digital Inputs, Outputs and Effects

In addition to four SDI (HD/SD switchable) channels and two HDMI (in HD mode) channels for inputting digital video signals, the AG-HMX100 has a DVI-I input for inputting video and stillimage data from a PC or a Mac. Built-in 2D effect and digital effect functions further increase image creation versatility. Chroma and luminance keying are also supported.

New Multi-View and Projector Control Functions

The new multi-view function displays a split screen to show PVW image, PGM image, all source images, audio level and waveform (WFM). This allows use of a single monitor for easy equipment setup and low-cost operation. The AG-HMX100 can also control a projector* (power ON/OFF, shutter ON/OFF) via RS-232C remote.
*The control function supports Panasonic projectors (equipped with an RS-232C terminal) only.

3D Compatible

The AG-HMX100 can operate as a 3D video switcher with dual SDI signal inputs from 3D cameras. It comes with two pairs of inputs and one pair of outputs for 3D video signals. When two AG-HMX100 units are connected, they can serve as a 3D video switcher for up to four 3D cameras.
* Only the switcher function operates. Effects such as ME cannot be used. Other functions such as multi-view, WFM and title mix are not supported.

Other New Functions

  • Power management (auto power OFF) functionn
  • On-screen display of source information and audio meter
  • Versatile AUX output terminal


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